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It's the vegan hair and skin products for me...

One of the questions I get the most, is about what I use on my hair and skin:

Once I turned thirty, I noticed subtle changes in my skin and hair. At first, it was mostly things like seasonal dryness, but over time, I started to develop a pretty severe skin sensitivity and noticed my hair thinning at my crown. I travel a lot for work (well I did until 2020), and I first noticed getting skin irritations when I would use hotel shower products. Over time though, I started getting welts, rashes, thinning hair along my face, and even hives from using any hair or skin products that weren't made with natural products.

I did a lot of searching, went through a lot of trial and error, and eventually found my way to Monat. To be honest though, I was skeptical at first - there are a lot of rumors and false perceptions out there. So I tried it, thinking my mind was already made up, but I was totally blown away within the first week. You can track my progress on my Instagram, but I am also MORE than happy to answer any questions about these amazing products. That's why I am so passionate about this brand, and more importantly - educating yourself on what you are putting on your skin and your hair!

Monat products use natural-based, non-toxic, vegan ingredients. Once I made the switch, the rashes and welts went away. My skin was balanced, moisturized, and my hair finally became more manageable and healthy

. Plus, I had already been looking to transition to products that have youth-restoring benefits. But, I think the biggest thing for me, was that I stopped feeling self-conscious and started to embrace my skin and my hair.

If want to take the leap and try these amazing products for yourself, you can order directly from my site: - and of course feel free to message, email, or text / call with any questions!

- G

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