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Pasta e Fagioli

This is a traditional peasant dish many Italians have grown up eating, I know this is a family favorite of ours and a lot of my friends now love it too! It is super easy to make and always a great comfort dish.


  • 1 (15.5 oz.) can of cannellini beans

  • 1 tbsp. of olive oil

  • 1 (15 oz.) can of tomato sauce

  • Splash of wine

  • Crushed red pepper flakes (to taste)

  • Salt and Pepper (to taste)

  • Fresh basil, chopped (to taste, I like about 1 tbsp.)

  • 1 lb. of your favorite pasta

  • Grated parmesan cheese


  1. Add your olive oil, salt, pepper, wine, and cannellini beans (do not strain) to a large sauce pan as a base to your sauce.

  2. Heat on medium-low until it sauce base starts to simmer.

  3. Once you are simmering, slowly start adding your sauce and stirring. Once you have added about 3/4 of the can, add your chopped basil and reduce heat to low.

  4. I usually let my sauce cook on low, then I boil the water for my pasta.

  5. For the pasta, usually I make this dish with spaghetti, cavatappi, or CAPRICCI, but it goes great with penne and other traditional pastas too!

  6. Once the water boils and you add your pasta, add just a splash of olive oil. Stir occasionally.

  7. Just before your pasta is finished cooking, add a ladle's worth of starchy water to your sauce and stir.

  8. Strain your pasta and place into your serving dish.

  9. Pour your sauce over the pasta, stir.

  10. Garnish with fresh parmesan and serve!

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